OK, this has been on my thoughts for a while now. Apple keeps releasing phones that are the exactly same phone as their previous version, the only thing that has changed is the camera and CPU, but it is just a bit of improvement. I admit that their OS is great, but can stand to be improved as well. If the OS had more features and not so heavily restricted, it could be so much better.

I suppose that is why a lot of people like to jailbreak the iPhones, so they get more variety of apps and features and not be restricted by Apple’s corporate greed. Unlike Apple, Android has a better open source OS in some areas. If you want to run some kind of version of Linux on Apple’s iPhone, it can be very difficult, if not impossible. Now if the operating system for iPhone could be more versatile and their hardware can be the same as some of Android’s flagship phones, I am sure that a lot of Android users would definitely go to Apple iPhone. Assist old phones from Apple are the same as the previous generation(s) I don’t understand why people keep buying the new generation of the iPhone. I can understand if you are upgrading from iPhone 8 to 12, since the processor, camera, and spec are better.

Apple should stop producing phones that are the exact same model as a previous generation. Apple is wasting our limited and finite supply of materials that can be used to produce new technology or technology that is currently needed, hence the current supply chain shortage. I am not solely blaming Apple I am blaming other companies as well, if they stop producing phones that are exactly the same as previous generations and only release phones that have a real upgrade such as being twice better than the current phones they release, but since these companies just want money I don’t think that’s going to happen.